South Africa hotel operable wall project

South Africa hotel operable wall project

Location:South Africa

Application:Banquet hall



Area: 332square meter

STC: 53dB

Surface:Melamine board

banquet hall operable wall

hotel sliding movable wall

         Issues that should be paid attention to in hotel decoration design:
   1. How to better reflect people-oriented, functional relationships, spatial layout, transportation organization and environmental construction, how to provide customers with comprehensive, convenient and high-quality services. Now some hotels are like a maze, without embodying the basic concept of putting people first.
  2. How to solve basic functions, provide comprehensive, convenient, safe, and high-quality services while creating a high-level cultural taste and artistic level. Can't pursue jewels, visual impact will cause aesthetic fatigue, luxurious decoration does not mean high taste.
  3. It is how to make five-star hotels more distinctive personality and regional characteristics while applying a large number of new materials and new equipment, especially how brand hotels respect the local cultural traditions and show the cultural diversity of different regions and nations.
  4. While pursuing high comfort, attention must be paid to solving the excessive consumption and waste of resources.
   5. It is how to get out of the misunderstandings of cumbersome, messy, pile-up, and copy in the grasp of interior design and decoration style, and show more the beauty of inheritance, originality, rationality and simplicity.
   The partition design of the hotel lobby should pay attention to the following points:
1. Pay special attention to the selection of materials and partition design. The hotel is a high-end and service place, so the user experience should be high, and the visual beauty should be good. Therefore, the materials can not be selected too common, and the effect should be good. .
  2. The choice of partition shape, design the appropriate partition shape according to the decoration style, such as the partition shape of the Chinese classical style multi-choice screen type, the European style multi-select fashionable glass partition and metal partition. Different styles of partitions have different effects.
  3. The choice of partition color. In the choice of hotel operable wall partition color, you can choose the appropriate partition color to match according to the overall color of the hotel lobby. Avoid out-of-the-ordinary and uncoordinated feelings.