Movable partition wall can establish an independent environment anytime and anywhere

Movable partition wall can establish an independent environment anytime and anywhere

Active partition creates an independent environment
For people nowadays, movable partition wall play a more decorative and isolated role. From a psychological point of view, activity zones can isolate their unrelated environments and help Ren Jian build an independent environment. In this way, we can see that the movable partition can be regarded as an elegant decoration in life and a suitable mascot in Feng Shui.

The movable partition shall not face the outer ditch, and should be placed along the direction of the water flow, so as not to lose the owner and lose the water. In the living room, the movable partition is generally placed at the entrance, while in the horizontal style, the movable partition can be placed by the bed or on the balcony in front of the window, half-concealed to increase my sense of space. privacy.

Activity partitions are widely used in star hotels, restaurant boxes, catering restaurants and other places. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the matters you should pay attention to when choosing partition products. I hope it will help you.

The correct selection of active partition mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Under normal circumstances, it is generally recommended that car owners choose two-wheel products. The construction of this product is difficult and highly technical. Small factories often suggest that owners make single-wheel products by themselves, because such a product has a simple structure and saves materials, but it is particularly important for inconvenience in later use. However, single-wheel products cannot be used as door-in-doors, because single-wheel products are unevenly stressed and cannot be used as door-in-doors.

2. Pay attention to the workmanship details of product samples when purchasing activity partitions. The small factory does not have advanced equipment. It can be clearly seen that the edge of the wall panel is rough in workmanship and the cutting surface is not smooth. Production equipment is the basic condition for manufacturing high-quality products.

3. The internal fillings of inferior products purchased with movable partitions are often shoddy, such as: inferior wooden squares, no electroplated screws, and the code drop is not a professional Z-type electroplating code drop, but a spray-painted small channel steel instead.

4. The owner can tap the wall panel with his hand when purchasing the movable partition wall panel. If there is free sound inside, the product will definitely not have sound insulation and fireproof rock wool. Small factories often cut corners.
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