India office glass partitions project

India office glass partitions project



Glass Thickness:5mm


Area: 98square meter

STC: 45dB

Surface:Tempered glass + Aluminum frame

office glass partition

aluminum frame glass partition
Aluminum alloy office glass partitions can only realize the functions of traditional space separation, and they are significantly better than traditional partition walls in terms of lighting, sound insulation, fire protection, environmental protection, easy installation, reusability, and mass production.

Aluminum alloy partitions can not only be used in offices. It is used in expo venues, exhibition venues, large, medium and small meeting rooms, multi-function halls, star hotels, office buildings, business office buildings, high-end villas, colleges and universities, banks, hospitals and offices, large corporate units

Control room, centralized control room, fine processing workshop. It's just that most of the manufacturers currently mass-produced are focusing on the office decoration market, so businesses are accustomed to collectively refer to the office high compartment as the high compartment.

The conventional aluminum-magnesium alloy is used as the frame and professionally designed profiles. Specific styles include 10-12 cm single glass tempered partition products, 5+5 cm tempered double glass hollow and louver styles, and the outer frame can be selected in various colors or It is the natural color of aluminum-magnesium alloy. It can be used in offices or in banks, institutions, and government departments. The sound insulation effect is very good. The conventional type is about 45dB, which is a kind of partition form to the top.