Kenya HPL toilet cubicle partition project

Kenya HPL toilet cubicle partition project





Area: 82square meter

Material:HPL board + stainless steel hardware
toilet cubicle partition

HPL wood grain toilet partition

1. In the design of modern toilet cubicle partition not only need to be beautiful and fashionable, but also practical. Sanitary partitions can not only allow us to use the bathroom more conveniently and quickly and have another private space with another safety and comfort, but also need to have practical effects of decorative design.
2. The waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion sanitary partition can be integrated into the wet and cold natural environment of the bathroom in many ways. Because the interior of the bathroom is wet and cold, the partition materials used must have strong waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion capabilities. Sanitary partitions must not only be able to decorate and design the indoor space, but also have a strong ability to work against corrosion, water, and moisture.
3. Now it is another country that is open to the outside world and diversified. Chinese architecture makes people feel a kind of natural, comfortable and concise color saturation. It is necessary to often combine decorative designs with different design styles, such as bright and simple realistic decorative designs, sanitary partitions should pay attention to simple and clear lines or elegant and decent decorative designs. Practicability, quality and details are particularly important.
Therefore, when we actually choose sanitary partitions, let us refer to these characteristics to choose, so that we can make partitions more practical.