Kenya banquet hall movable partition project

Kenya banquet hall movable partition project





Area: 224square meter

STC: 45dB

Surface:Melamine board
banquet hall movable wall partition
hotel movable wall system

1. No ground rail suspension: there is no track on the floor, just install the track on the ceiling;
2. Stable and safe: stable and reliable after partition, not easy to swing;
3. Sound insulation and environmental protection: good sound insulation effect, the maximum sound insulation coefficient can reach 53dB;
4. Thermal insulation and energy saving: excellent thermal insulation performance, according to different occupancy rates, the large space is divided into small spaces to reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner;
5. Efficient fire protection: It is made of high-efficiency fire-retardant materials with good fire-proof performance;
6. Beautiful and generous: the surface can be decorated at will, and the decoration effect can be unified with the interior;
7. Flexible retractable: The partition is retractable and flexible, and one person can complete the entire process of partitioning;
8. Convenient storage: When receiving the board, the partition can be hidden in the special storage cabinet, which does not affect the overall appearance;
9. The decorative surface of the movable partition has the characteristics of anti-cutting, cutting, knocking and bumping. The selected panel material is strong, fireproof and anti-wear;
10. The image is shaped, the movable partition is easy to move in the hotel, and can dexterously form a space to form a box. The box can be taken away, as long as there is a track, there is a box for activities. The banquet hall uses movable partitions to reflect the hotel’s fashion;
11. The color matching of the movable partition. When decorating the movable partition, the style of the partition can be designed according to the decoration style of the customer. Generally speaking the tone and cold. Dark seems to look stable, calm, clear colors and elegant appearance, calm looks cool, beautiful appearance, in short, the various colors between the partitions are properly matched;
12. The movable partition has a strong ability to combine space, and can divide and form space anytime and anywhere. It is very practical for hotel boxes to form a box. You only need to move the partition. The banquet hall movable partition has a great degree of freedom, and the design of the movable partition should pay attention to the height, length, and drawings to be unified;
13. Wide range of applications: it can be used in conference halls, exhibition halls, restaurants, high-clean factories and offices.