Zambia restaurant movable wall partition project

Zambia restaurant movable wall partition project




Height:6.3 meter

Area:349square meter


Material:Melamine board

       banquet hall movable partition
restaurant operable wall
ultra high movable partition
Advantages of restaurant movable partition:    
       1. In large restaurants, various effective methods should be used to divide and limit different dining areas to ensure the relative independence between the various areas and reduce mutual interference.
  2. A commercial restaurant should have a dedicated customer population, rest front hall, cloakroom and sanitary door.
  3. The restaurant should be set up close to the kitchen, but the exits of the meal preparation room should be handled in a more concealed manner. At the same time, the smell of the kitchen and the oily smoke should be prevented from entering the restaurant. The determination of the restaurant area index should be reasonable. If the index is too small, it will cause congestion; if the index is too large, it will cause a waste of area, low utilization rate and increase the labor intensity of the staff.
  4. The customer dining activity route and the meal delivery service route should be separated to avoid overlapping, and at the same time, try to avoid the intersection of the main flow lines
  5. Restaurants with various functions should have the appropriate layout of dining tables and chairs and corresponding decorative styles.
  6. ​​The interior color should be based on a unified decoration style. For example, the color of a western restaurant should be elegant and bright, with light colors as the main color; while the Chinese restaurant should be relatively warm and luxurious, with heavier colors as the main color. In addition, the use of warm colors that can increase appetite should also be considered to increase a comfortable and cheerful mood.
  7. Natural materials should be used mainly to give people a warm and friendly feeling. In addition, the ground should be made of dirt-resistant, wear-resistant and easy-to-clean materials.