How to choose toilet partition boards in different places?

How to choose toilet partition boards in different places?

The toilet partition board is the board for the bathroom decoration partition, and it is the core material of the bathroom partition decoration. The quality of the toilet partition board determines the quality and life of the toilet partition. The sanitary partition boards used in different toilet places are different. The following is mainly for the selected partition boards for school bathrooms, factory bathrooms, hotels and luxury office bathrooms.

(1) School toilet partition board

At present, the most common choices for school toilet partition boards are anti-fold special board, anti-fold special second-generation board and stainless steel plate. In fact, these three partition boards also represent three different school decoration budgets. Ordinary schools choose their own bathroom partition processing factory, generally choose high-quality anti-fold special board, with good bathroom partition accessories, they can be used for 8 to 15 years; if the bathroom partition decoration of ordinary schools is outsourced to decoration companies, the decoration company generally chooses The second-generation anti-bite board mainly has a relatively low budget, and it is good to use it for 3 to 5 years; in addition, if it is the decoration of the main school bathroom, the general requirements are relatively high, and the service life is relatively long, and stainless steel bathroom partition boards are selected.

(2) Workshop toilet partition board

Due to the low overall requirements of the user and the relatively fast relocation of the company that rents the workshop, the bathroom partition board of the workshop is generally made of gray anti-fold second-generation board. This kind of material has low decoration cost and low waste cost of relocation at any time, so the second-generation gray anti-better board has become the main partition board for the bathroom decoration of the workshop.

(3) Bathroom partition boards in hotels and luxury office buildings

The bathrooms of hotels and luxury office buildings are decorated in a luxurious style. The partition boards they use are all customized composite bathroom partition boards. The color is customized and the size is higher. These places have funds to allow sanitary partition manufacturers to provide higher value-added services.