Requirements for public toilet partitions in office buildings

Requirements for public toilet partitions in office buildings

Refers to toilet partitions renovated in public office spaces. Office toilet partitions are all toilet partitions with higher grade requirements, good decoration style, delicate process requirements, and unique partition material requirements.

(1) Office toilet partition style: luxurious atmosphere

Luxurious atmosphere is the style of toilet partitions in office buildings. The overall decoration color is relatively dark, and the overall toilet partitions are made relatively high. Normally, it is 2700mm to 3000mm high. It is a heaven and earth style. From the appearance, it is a solemn place. The lights illuminate the wall, the fragrance is fragrant, the ventilation is smooth, and the green leaves are neatly arranged, which makes people feel very good.

(2) The decoration process of the toilet partition of the office building requires delicate, giving a good image.

The level of bathroom partition decoration technology shows the grade of the overall partition decoration. The high-grade partition places have delicate requirements for processing and installation. The plates need to be polished, the fixing parts need deep-hole screws, and the glass glue requires the same custom color as the plate. The delicate decoration process requirements make the overall decoration closer and better.

(3) The materials of toilet partitions in office buildings are unique.

The unique performance of office bathroom partition materials is in two aspects: one is that the bathroom partition board is customized in color and specifications, and the other is that the bathroom partition hardware accessories are different. The color of the customized toilet partition board is different from the general one, and the surface of the board needs special processing. Such as leather treatment, marble surface treatment, knife surface treatment, etc.