Singapore HPL toilet partition project

Singapore HPL toilet partition project


Application:Shopping mall



Area: 97square meter

Material:HPL board + stainless steel hardware
toilet partition
HPL toilet partition

The general situation of public toilets is established in crowded places. With the improvement of living standards, the environmental requirements of public toilets are constantly improving, and environmental protection and cleaning are increasingly pursued. Therefore, we must pay attention to the custom installation of toilet partition walls, because this is one of the important components of public toilets.

Generally speaking, when making toilet partitions, one place to pay attention to is the floor drain. Although the choice of bathroom partition materials is generally waterproof, if the partition is soaked in water for a long time, it will inevitably be damaged over time, such as expansion, deformation, and mildew. Therefore, the toilet partition installer must pay attention to many details when installing. Therefore, it is necessary to install a floor drain to ensure that the water flow of the public toilet can be discharged in time.

Another issue that should be paid attention to in bathroom partitions is the choice of materials for public bathroom partitions. When choosing partition wall materials, water-proof, impact-resistant and wear-resistant moisture-proof materials should be selected, such as anti-bite boards, which have stable and excellent performance and are suitable for the bathroom environment. In addition, the bathroom compartments are available in different specifications and colors. For engineers who perform bathroom partitions, when choosing the color style of the cubicle, they should pay attention to matching the area, characteristics, style and plan of the bathroom, and maintaining harmony with the overall environment. It is not only necessary to ensure the practicability of the bathroom partition products, but also to meet the requirements of beautiful and generous decoration.