Design principles of operable movable partition walls

Design principles of operable movable partition walls

1. Shaping the overall image of the operable movable partition walls and the interior

The partition is a non-load-bearing object, so its shape is variable and free, and each shape can be changed arbitrarily without restriction. This is more suitable for any spatial transformation. When designing the space, pay attention to the height of the partition and the space. The combination of long and short and virtual and actual changes are unified, and only strong consistency can create an ideal movable partition wall.

2. The overall style of the movable partition wall is unified with the indoor collocation

It is not easy to decide whether to choose between modern style or classical style, European style or Japanese style, but when setting this requirement, you should adjust it according to your own space style to ensure an absolute match.

3. Reasonably choose the fancy and material of the movable partition wall

When choosing the fancy style of the partition wall, the principle of matching with the interior design style should also be followed. In order to achieve the uniform elegance of colors and delicate and delicate patterns, the partition wall can be integrated into the space, just like it is inherent in the space. Model.

4. Diversified and coordinated setting of partition wall and space function

The functions of general movable partition walls can be simply divided into two types: decorative type and storage type. Now they are designed together. When we choose to use the multifunctional bookshelf as the movable partition wall, it can not only display books, but also collect some valuable small collections, which can demonstrate taste and cultivate sentiment; most people choose to use partition screens as partition walls The design elements can bring a very strong effect and fashion sense to the space.