Australia meeting room movable partition project

Australia meeting room movable partition project


Application:Meeting room



Area:158 square meter


Surface:Custom pattern

meeting room operable wall
conference room movable partition

In the current hotel environment and enterprises, business receptions and meetings are formal, but compared with large meeting rooms or small meeting rooms, it is relatively difficult to achieve true streamlining and meeting the needs of personnel, and the indoor time is too long or empty. The traditional partition wall, as you know, cannot be moved after the separation of the space. This situation is understandable. In order to cater to the needs and the needs of the event, the conference room partition wall came into being, and its simplified installation point hall is practical. The performance and decoration are very good. Compared with the traditional partition wall, it has the advantages of flexibility, customization, low installation cost, and low maintenance cost.
Since the performance of the partition is similar to that of a partition wall, it has a spatial effect. After a finalized design, it is stable and firm equivalent to a partition wall. However, in activities, it is combined with mobile characteristics to separate the number of people and space and save space. When not needed, it can be moved and folded to restore the overall space.
So in the basic space, what function can meeting room movable partition have?
1. Decorative ornaments. Custom-made ornaments will have a good aesthetic effect. Customizing the decorative surface according to the decorative environment will not appear too simple as a whole.
2. There is no need to fix the rail mutation on the ground, and the hanging rail design can guarantee even when shifting, just a single one.
3. The movable partition wall of the conference room has good sound insulation effect, with a sound insulation coefficient of up to 50dB; most of the materials are finished products, which are directly used for construction and installation, and do not pollute too much according to the construction site, and the production materials do not contain formaldehyde. And other harmful substances, no radiation.