What is the quotation for public toilet partition?

What is the quotation for public toilet partition?

We've always wanted to have a rough estimate for the price of public toilet partition. In this way, we can have a clear and detailed plan when making a project budget or quotation. So, mainly to introduce to you, what is the quotation for public health partition? How much is a square meter?

1. Materials for quotation factors of public health partitions:
This should be a commonplace question, that is to say, the quotation of public health partitions is related to the materials used. This is natural. After all, the performance and production process of each public health partition material are different, and the quotation will naturally be different.
2. Dimensions of public health partition quotation factors:
When the same material is used for the common toilet partition, the size and specifications are different, and the increased budgetary cost is also different. This is naturally understandable. For example, the size of the conventional anti-folding board is 1220*1830, then you need 12mm, which is the standard size.
However, because of different needs, it may be necessary to use a thicker anti-fold special board, such as a 15mm anti-fold special board. In this case, the offer of natural public health partitions will be raised. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose and customize the size of our public health partition material according to your actual needs and environment.

3. Hardware accessories for public health partition quotation factors:
Choose high-quality public health partition materials, and naturally there are corresponding hardware accessories. In order to meet the different needs of engineers and buyers, we provide hardware accessories of different materials such as nylon, stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
Naturally, different hardware accessories have different performances. For example, nylon accessories have certain wear resistance, but compared with stainless steel accessories, they lack anti-corrosion performance. These differences in performance will make the service life of public health partitions different. Therefore, the quotation of public health partitions is also affected by the material of hardware accessories.

According to Greatfold, what is the quotation for public health partitions, and how much is a square meter? At present, it is more difficult to determine. You must know that in the face of 8 different choices of materials for public health partitions, dozens of different material choices for hardware accessories, and different processes for installing public health partitions. All of these can lead to big differences in the quotations of public health partitions, but I believe that as long as we choose what is suitable for us and what we need, it must be a good public health partition.