Vietnam toilet stalls project

Vietnam toilet stalls project


Application:Office building



Area: 247square meter

Material:HPL board + stainless steel hardware

Urban public toilets, including toilet stalls, originated from the progress and social development of cities. Our country has built public toilets in cities very early. Public toilets are built because of the needs derived from the further evolution of human beings.
Public toilet users will have some psychological experience in the process of going to the toilet, which also constitutes a unique psychological phenomenon in public toilets. When it is convenient for people to go to the bathroom, they pay attention to the privacy of the toilet and the psychological activities of preventing personal privacy exposure, the psychological feeling of the indoor air smell and sound of the public toilet, the psychological reaction to the color of the building materials and the lighting atmosphere of the public toilet, and the end of the toilet is relaxed. Pleasant psychology, etc., all constitute users' special requirements and ideas for public toilets. Here we can choose different and diversified toilet partitions according to people's different psychological factors to meet people's various psychological needs for toilets.
Due to the progress of society, people also have new needs for public toilets, not only about convenience, but more attention to cleanliness, hygiene, aesthetics, etc. From here, we pay attention to the decoration of toilet stalls. Installing a beautiful, environmentally friendly and hygienic toilet stalls can make the city clean and tidy.