Office movable partition is one of the most fashionable office facilities

Office movable partition is one of the most fashionable office facilities

Movable partition is one of the most fashionable partition wall products. It will flexibly divide the space according to your needs. Office movable partition is a newest office facility. It also combines a large space with a flexible and convenient small activity space. The product style is beautiful and assembled. It is flexible, fireproof and soundproof, and can flexibly divide a large space into small spaces according to usage requirements. Anyone can move and operate easily and smoothly. Mobile partition walls are used in various multi-functional restaurants, banquet halls, large exhibition halls and other buildings. Decorative space contributes to the effective use of architectural space.

Features of movable partition products:

1. There is no need to install guide rails on the ground. The door panels are connected and hung. Only need to install the guide rail on the ceiling, sliding without noise, can achieve the effect of fixed partition and sound insulation.

2. The movable partition adopts up and down telescopic structure.

3. Good heat insulation performance and sound insulation effect, which can divide a large space into a small space.

4. The movable partition adopts high-efficiency flame-retardant materials, which has good fire-proof performance and meets national standards, and is perfectly integrated with interior decoration.

5. The exterior of the movable partition can be used as a decorative surface arbitrarily.

The so-called movable partition is to divide a single-function space into a multi-functional space. This form is the most commonly used partition space in interior design, and the specific form is also different, that is, the indoor space is divided vertically.