Malaysia washroom partitions project

Malaysia washroom partitions project





Area: 487square meter

Material:HPL board + stainless steel hardware

The quality of public places has been continuously improved, and the infrastructure has also begun to improve. Thewashroom partitions is a typical representative, so how can we purchase the second-level toilet partition? This is an answer that more and more engineering buyers are looking forward to and have been trying to find the answer in the market. Then Greatfold will discuss with you what kind of washroom partitions meets the definition standard of the second time, and how to purchase the second toilet partition.

Generally speaking, the secondary toilet partition has at least the following characteristics: first, the material and production process are environmentally friendly, and the second is in line with the industry-related acceptance standards of modern public buildings. In addition to environmental protection, it should also be waterproof and moisture-proof. Flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, smoke resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning, long service life and other extraordinary qualities. Then, the next question is, how to purchase sub-sanitary partition products with the above extraordinary quality?

First, strictly control the original material. It is impossible for the original material of the secondary toilet partition to be born out of nowhere. We remind everyone to choose high-quality partition materials as much as possible when purchasing secondary toilet partitions, mainly including: anti-fold special board, metal veneer anti-fold special board , Metal honeycomb panels and other high-quality plates.

Second, the accessories should also be matched. For the secondary toilet partition, if its material is the foundation, then the grade of its accessories is another key to determining whether the entire partition is inferior. First of all, the selected partition accessories must have wear-resistant characteristics, and the selected partition accessories must also have corrosion resistance. A warm reminder to all engineering business friends, when choosing secondary bathroom partition accessories, nylon partition accessories are low requirements.

Third, the overall collocation must be harmonious and unified. The overall collocation of secondary toilet partitions requires at least one aspect. First, the theme style should be consistent. For example, the theme of sports star propaganda of gym toilet partitions is inserted into the theme of national culture, national quintessence, ink painting and Danqing art partitions in the toilets of parks and scenic spots. There is no difference between the two. With the requirements of harmony and unity. On the other hand, it is whether the overall tone visually is in harmony with the tone of the bathroom environment.