How to install the movable partition track?

How to install the movable partition track?

What are the installation methods and precautions for movable partitions?

   1. The installation of movable partitions is the prerequisite for site survey of the construction environment. The purpose of surveying the construction environment is to see whether the site has the installation conditions, record the position of the beams and columns on the roof, the position of the air-conditioning piping system, etc. to customize the final construction plan.

   2. According to the construction drawings, release the position control line of the movable partition on the indoor floor, and lead the position line of the partition wall to the side wall and the ceiling. The installation position line of the fixing part should be ejected when the line is springed. The installation height of the track should be communicated with the construction team installing the ceiling first, otherwise it may cause unnecessary trouble.

   Three, installation of movable partition track

  ⑴ Suspended track. The suspension guide is fixed by installing a pulley on the top surface of the partition and connecting it with the upper suspension rail. The track and pulley should be selected according to the size of the load. Light-weight movable partition wall, the track is fixed on the top wooden frame or steel frame with wood screws or butt screws. For heavy movable partition wall, the track is fixed on the steel frame with butt screw or welding.

  ⑵Supporting track. The fixing method of the support guide is that the pulley is at the lower part of the partition, and the ground rail constitutes the lower support point. The track is fixed with expansion bolts or embedded parts of the track, and a guide rail is installed on the top wooden frame.

   ⑶ When installing the movable partition track, according to the actual situation of the track, install the pulley or the reserved opening of the track in advance (usually 1/2 partition near the wall).