Brazil restroom dividers project

Brazil restroom dividers project





Area: 214square meter

Material:HPL board + stainless steel hardware

It is far from enough that the restroom dividersmaterial only has the performance of moisture resistance. Because in our bathroom, we will also encounter the impact of external force and corrosive substances. Therefore, in order to make our public health partitions more durable, these two characteristics cannot be ignored.

The restroom dividers is mainly based on the material to realize the durability of our toilet partition. However, during our installation process, we still cannot relax our attention to the quality of partition installation and the performance of accessories. These two issues also have a very important impact on the quality of our public health dividers.

Washroom partition, 12mm thick high-density phenolic resin solid laminate is made of multi-layer special fiber material, impregnated with appropriate amount of phenolic resin, and made by high temperature and high pressure.

Main features: ◇Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-mold growth ◇Chemical corrosion resistance ◇Fouling resistance, impact resistance, cigarette butt burning resistance