America commercial toilet partitions project

America commercial toilet partitions project





Area: 158square meter

Material:HPL board + stainless steel hardware

Phenolic Compact Laminate board is designed for indoor horizontal and vertical surfaces, and has the functions of sturdiness, impact resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance.
Phenolic Compact Laminate board is a high-strength flat plate made of wood fiber and thermosetting resin by high-pressure polymerization. The integrated coloring and resin-decorated surface layer formed by special technology is not only suitable for indoor decoration, especially for various outdoor facilities.
The enemy of any exterior wall material is long-term exposure to sunlight, rain, moisture and temperature changes, and the anti-folding board has strong weather resistance, regardless of sunlight, rain and wind erosion, or moisture has no effect on its surface, Rapid temperature changes will not affect its appearance and characteristics; anti-fold special board has high elastic modulus, tensile strength and flexural strength, making it have high impact resistance; high-density core material gives resistance The high anchor pull-out strength of the special board is particularly important for the board installed by bolts or plug-ins;
The anti-folding board has excellent fire resistance and will not melt, drip or be classified as a high fire rating among organic materials by the relevant European agencies, and will not release toxic and corrosive gases; Phenolic Compact Laminate board can be used for a long time. It is stable, and has self-cleaning properties. The material is dense and will not adhere to dust. It is easy to clean and can be washed with rainwater. Generally, the curtain wall needs to be cleaned once a year, but the anti-beite board curtain wall is only cleaned once every 3 to 4 years, and organic solvents can be used. Washed without any effect on color.
Phenolic Compact Laminate board is widely used in commercial toilet partitions.