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moveable room partitions

  • moveable room partitions
  • moveable room partitions
  • moveable room partitions

moveable room partitions

A good hotel moveable room partitions system, in addition to a good movable panel, is more importantly reflected in the construction and installation. Here, Greatfold introduced the installation strategy of the hotel movable partition.

1. Observe the construction environment
    The installation of the hotel activity partition is the top priority of the survey and construction environment. The main purpose of surveying the construction environment is to determine whether the site has the installation conditions, record the position of roof beams and columns, the position of the air-conditioning piping system, etc., and customize the final construction plan. The most suitable time for construction is when the site has not undergone any renovations.
2. Measurement and positioning
    The hotel movable partition installation is based on the construction drawings, and the movable partition position control line is released on the indoor floor, and the partition wall position line is led to the side wall and ceiling. The installation position line of the fixed part should pop out when the line is elastic. The installation height of the track must be discussed with the construction team installing the ceiling, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble.
3. Steel structure installation and track fixing
    The steel structure is a load-bearing structure connecting the roof and the track. The steel structure is related to the safety of the movable partition installation system of the entire hotel and must not be taken lightly. According to the construction drawings, blast the screws on the roof of the building, and then weld the angle iron to fix it. Select the track fixture according to the design requirements. Before installing the track, consider the closed method of the wall, the ground, and the ceiling to facilitate the installation of the movable partition wall. By calculating the weight of the movable partition wall, the load to be borne by the track and the specifications and fixing methods of the embedded parts are determined. The track embedded parts should be installed firmly, the track and the main structure should be fixed firmly, and all metal parts should be treated with rust prevention.
4. Installation track
    ⑴ Suspension rail: The suspension rail is fixed by installing pulleys on the top surface of the partition and connecting with the upper suspension rail. The track and pulley should be selected according to the size of the load. Lightweight movable partition wall, the track is fixed on the top wooden frame or steel frame with wood screws or butt screws. Heavy-duty movable partition wall, the track is fixed on the steel frame with butt screws or welding.
    ⑵Support rail: The fixing method of the support rail is that the pulley is under the partition and forms a lower support point with the ground rail. The track is fixed with expansion bolts or track embedded parts, and a guide rail is installed on the top wooden frame.
⑶ When installing rails for hotel movable partitions, pulleys or rail reserved openings should be installed in advance according to the specific conditions of the rails (usually 1/2 partitions near the wall)
5. Install the activity panel
    According to the installation method of the movable partition of the hotel, draw the pulley line accurately on each panel, and then fix the fixing frame of the pulley on the upper or lower door lintel of the partition with screws. Then put the panels into the track one by one, adjust the panels to be perpendicular to the ground, push and pull and rotate flexibly, and finally connect and fix the fans. Usually, adjacent panels are connected by hinges.
6. Done
    Organize according to the design requirements of the hotel's movable partition installation. Generally, soft packs, cold-laminated solid wood panels, veneer panels, inlaid glass, etc. are used. After finishing the topcoat, paint trimming or edge trimming should be carried out. The finishing construction is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding two standards.
7. Debugging
    After the hotel movable partition board is installed, the board height, air tightness and other details should be debugged. After the commissioning, the site should be cleaned up and the installation work should be completed.
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